About Us

This site is a combination of various sub members hard work and contributions. This site would not be possible without (in no particular order):

-/u/Basileus451 for making the original EZ Review template site. There's no way I would have been able to make this site in the first place if I didn't have his original to go off of.

-HerculesFakeIds/Dankboy for rewriting the main script in php. The original site required Javascript to be enabled in order to use the site, which doesn't play well with tor if scripts aren't enabled. Also PHP is something that I can actually figure out how to edit when things need to be changed. Herc UT

-/u/ek3728 for uploading all the barbook pages to imgur

-/u/Concorde_ for making the comparison ids site

-/u/MtnDewGuy6 for creating the random address generator

-w3schools.com- The real mvp here

I really hope you guys are able to make use of this site as much as I have in the past, Thanks for helping out the community with your reviews!